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The symposium is over. We had great time, listened at very interesting presentations and discussed about posters. Thanks a lot to all participants! It was great to host you in Bolzano!



The Free University of Bolzano-Bozen is glad to announce the


VIII ISHS Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops

27th – 30th June 2017, Bolzano – Italy


co-organized by the Italian Society of Horticultural Science (SOI).


The meeting will be held in the main building of the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Piazza Università, Bolzano


Bolzano is the main town of the South Tyrol, a leading region for apple and wine grape production in the middle of the Dolomites Mountains. Agriculture in South Tyrol is bound to the tradition, going back for centuries, and it still has a paramount importance for the local economy. This is mainly due to the significant role played in the production of typical regional food product and in the landscape conservation, aspects that are both tightly connected also with the tourist industry.


The preliminary program has been published; it will include, invited lectures, oral and poster presentations, a technical visit (to be held on Wednesday 28th) and a social event on the evening of Thursday 29th.


Contributions are expected to cover a wide range of research fields including:

  • Physiological aspects of mineral nutrition
  • Genetics and plant nutrition,
  • Sustainable approaches to nutrient management (including soil management, intercropping and biofertilisers)
  • Diagnosis of Plant Nutrient Status
  • Plant Nutrient status and Fruit Quality
  • Bioactive Compounds and mineral nutrition
  • Role of plant-microbe interactions in mineral nutrition
  • Trends in Fertilizer consumption
  • Nutrient Losses
  • Mineral supply technology
  • Rootstock and root architecture
  • Plant mineral nutrition and human nutrition
  • Mineral nutrition under arid conditions.


Under the patronage of


Italian Association of the Agricultural Science Societies


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